What really is driving the mass migration of applications to the cloud?

By Cory Vander Jagt – Director of Cloud Tranformation – Astadia Consulting

So, what really is driving the mass migration of applications to the cloud?

Over the last year we have witnessed an explosion of apps!  From consumer apps to business apps, and everything in between – the pace of growth and innovation is astounding.  Today we have the App Store, Facebook Apps, the AppExchange, Google Apps Marketplace, and even apps on gov.uk.

So what’s driving this mass migration to apps?  A number of factors including:

  • A constant deluge of new devices that are almost always connected to the internet
  • Convenient access to cloud platforms like Force.com, AppEngine, and AWS providing developers with elastic, virtually unlimited resources
  • Economies of scale that provide more secure and reliable solutions at a lower and more predictable cost
  • Free access to powerful development tools like Eclipse
  • The emergence of remote social collaboration as accepted standards in our professional as well as personal lives
  • Lower administrative and operational overhead producing innovation over maintenance
  • Frequent, universal, and seamless upgrades due to multi-tenancy

At Astadia, we’ve been building cloud business apps for our clients since the beginning.  Apps like Crocs Ideas and Halfords Cycle 2 Work.  We design apps that provide real value, fully leveraging the benefits of cloud elasticity.

Based on our experience completing over 4,000 deployments, we’ve developed IT portfolio rationalization techniques that help our clients define their blueprint for successfully transforming their business leveraging cloud apps.  Whether they’re currently managing their business using excel, silo’d custom applications build in-house, or enterprise on-premise software, we systematically analyze the data, crunch the numbers, and build a plan based on business opportunity instead of hype.

Interested?  Try it for yourself!  Get started with the Astadia ITX ROI calculator and see what kind of benefits you’ll achieve migrating your business apps to the cloud.

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